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CDygert Solutions was founded by Claire T. Dygert with the goal of helping libraries thrive. Whether it be negotiating the most advantageous deal for online resources and other materials, establishing collaborative efforts within library consortia, using Open Educational Resources to offset the cost of textbooks, or strategic planning for library or consortium development, we can help.

We believe that the best results are achieved through a collaborative approach, and we bring that spirit to all our work.

CDygert Solutions, LLC


Content Negotiation & Licensing

CDygert Solutions brings over twenty years of experience working with vendors to negotiate large e-journal and other STEM contracts, with a proven track record of securing some of the most favorable contract terms in the country.

Open Educational Resources & Libraries

CDygert Solutions is dedicated to helping libraries keep information affordable, whether that means helping them keep collection costs down, or to play a role in finding solutions to the high costs of textbooks and other instructional materials.

Organizational Development

Let CDygert Solutions help your organization thrive! We provide training and support for strategic planning efforts, team building, organizational change, workflow analysis, meeting skills, and other related services.

E-Journal Package Opportunities

CDygert Solutions, LLC, has partnered with the publishers Cambridge University Press, SAGE, Oxford University Press, and Wiley, and is exploring opportunities with Springer/Nature and Taylor & Francis, to make e-journal packages available to underserved libraries and library consortia.

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Building Your Licensing & Negotiation Toolbox Workshop

A large part of keeping information affordable is being able to effectively negotiate license agreements and pricing that is advantageous to the library. Yet librarians aren’t trained to negotiate, and working with contracts is out of the comfort zone of most people. CDygert Solutions has developed a one-day workshop, Building Your Licensing and Negotiation Toolbox, that gives librarians the skills they need to work effectively and with confidence with contracts, vendors and publishers.

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